Fabricated Archive

    POST ARCHIVE FACTION (PAF) is the collective that fabricate new structural formula through evolving archives. The iterations of prototypes based on continuous researching for formative elements aim to study structural evolution of the garments; those elements can be extracted from various fields such as architecture, multi media art and even nature.

    We approach the design by classifying our archive into three positions—

    1.Right (Fundamental Model)
    2.Center (Bridging Model)
    3.Left (Radical Model)

    This classification model gives opportunity to explore from the most basic to the most radical elements of our design, which we use to question, disrupt and evolve.


    Customer Service

    H.Lorenzo, Los Angeles
    SSENSE, Montreal
    MACHINE-A, London
    United Legend, Strasbourg
    Anchoret, Beijing
    ENG, Shanghai
    INNERSECT, Shanghai
    SND, Chongqing
    HUG, Cheng Du
    JOYCE, Hong Kong
    HBX, Hong Kong
    Nubian, Tokyo
    GR8, Tokyo
    UNFOLLOW, Tokyo
    The Elephant, Tokyo
    Cherry, Fukuoka
    Boontheshop, Seoul
    Treff, Seoul
    Vaska store, Daegu